• Welcome, from Carolyn

    People are burning the candle at both ends. On The Go is here to help you achieve balance in your life between what you want to do and what you need to do. Let On The Go handle your "to-do list" so that you can focus on the important things in your life . . . family, friends, work and pleasure. You can trust in us to handle your needs in a confidential, efficient, and ...

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  • Vacation Time? Read What Your Louisville Personal Assistant Can Do For You!

    If you are planning a vacation this summer, leave town with the peace of mind that your home will be well cared for!  As your on-demand personal assistant I can take care of the day-to-day around your home while you relax.  We offer the following "drop-in" services: mail pick up, bill paying, water the plants (inside and outside), light house cleaning, random drop-in times, lights on/off, yard maintenance, take garbage cans out/in, check on major appliances to ...

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  • Louisville Errand Service Specialist

    Flexibility Isn’t Just for Yoga! Didn’t someone say, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making plans?” The best-laid plans and the prettiest “To-Do” lists can be shot to you-know-where with one urgent client request or a call from your husband announcing that his parents are stopping by for dinner. The car gets put in reverse and instead of heading to the dry cleaners, you’re frantically trying to find a parking spot at ...

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  • Is your home TOXIC!? | Your Louisville Kentucky Personal Assistant discusses

    Happy rainy Tuesday! After a busy weekend, being stuck inside makes you realize just how much cleaning you have put off!  Which got me thinking, "How healthy is my home?"  I use green products but the old stand bys, bleach, vinegar etc. are still around.  I did a little research on ways to help "detox" your living environment and learned there are many easy, simple ways to make your home healthier for yourself and family, enjoy! http: //

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  • A Fresh Set Of Eyes! | Personal Assistant & Organizer Carolyn Wolf

    A FRESH SET OF EYES FOR YOUR HOME  When is the last time you looked around your house? I mean really looked! Have you become comfortable with your surroundings? It's nice to feel comfortable in your home but sometimes we get so comfortable we forget to take a close look at what can sometimes use some improvement. Most recently, I helped a very busy lady to organize a few rooms in her home. When I first spoke... ...

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